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Roksan Blak Integrated Amplifier

Roksan has always produced great gear, but they’ve really stepped up their game with the new Blak series. This new integrated amp features effortless power and control and keeps the music flowing smoothly, even when pushed hard. With >150 W into 8 ohms, an excellent MM phono stage, aptX Bluetooth, XLR and RCA inputs and even a USB DAC input, this piece is going to gain a lot of fans! Check out the review on the Blak Integrated and CD Player from Hifi Pig.

System 3 - Roksan and ATC

There’s a definite synergy between Roksan and ATC. This system features plenty of detail without being sterile, rock solid imaging and pure insight into the music that is rare to find at this price point.


Furutech G-320Ag-18F8 Power Cable

Want better performance out of your Bluesound or Sonos components? This Furutech power cable with the figure 8 connector is your ticket.


L'Art du Son Record Cleaning Fluid



Our best-selling record cleaning fluid and one of the most highly regarded by vinyl enthusiasts.


REL T/7i

This is the start of REL subwoofers that feature both a front-firing active driver and a down-firing passive radiator. This is not a boomy “thump thump” sub, but a serious upgrade to your bottom end and enjoyment.




Possibly the hottest high-end DAC on the market and considered to be one of the best DSD DACs in the world. Pair it with the pictured Amp 8 for a simple killer setup. Google translated i-fidelity.net review.




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